Chesapeake Bay Images

Images from the Chesapeake Bay


“Scenic Rt. 16″ 24 x 30”


Liza Joe“Liza Joe” 20×30


dockside - night

“Dockside-Moonrise” 20×30



“Favorite View” 20×30


Chapel Cove - Day

“Early Morning” 20×30


5 “Susquehanna Sunset” 20×30



“Resonance” 14×30


Free Spirit

“Free Spirit” 12×18


Martin House
“Martin House” 14×20


2 Responses to “Chesapeake Bay Images”

  1. Hi Nina,

    FOUND IT. Very Impressive and, needless to say, beautiful. What a wonder this show will be.

  2. Ninatchka,

    I finally found you, thanks for being my great friend back in 1963-64 at Corcoran….I am just wowed by your printmaking!

    Sincerely Bob Kudlicka

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